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At Ogden Clinic, online scheduling has never been easier. See the options below to learn more and find out which option is most convenient for you.

Schedule Online

Click to schedule online and save yourself a phone call. Use our online appointment request system to schedule your appointment with one of our Primary Care providers. You can also request an appointment online with one of our Specialty providers. A member of our team will call you within 24-48 hours to complete the scheduling process.

schedule appointment

Chat Online

Connect with a local patient services expert in minutes via live chat. Schedule or cancel appointments, ask questions, and more.

Chat Now

Call to Schedule

Schedule an appointment directly by finding your provider and calling their office.

Find Your Provider

Cancel Appointment

You can now cancel your appointment with the online chat feature. During business hours, you'll chat directly with a scheduler who will help you cancel your appointment via instant message.

Cancel appointment

Urgent Care Check-in

Only use this feature for urgent care, not specialist visits. You can click the map below to find an Urgent Care near you and check-in from anywhere. We will hold an appointment slot for you so you don’t need to wait inside the clinic!