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From Tiny Toes to Graduation Caps, We're Caring for Healthy Youngsters

At Ogden Clinic, it is our calling and duty to care for growing youngsters. As a parent, you can expect our pediatricians to equip you with any resources you need to monitor your child’s development over the years.

The goal of pediatrics is to help young people mature into healthy adults. Their early years of life are the foundation for their developmental, social, and cognitive growth. Both parents and our young patients receive individualized care in a comfortable office setting that helps soothe even the most antsy or nervous patients. Pediatric services include infants’ first well-child visit to a teenager’s final sports physical for high school athletics.

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Well-Child Exams & Preventative Pediatrics

While almost any parent would take their child to the doctor’s office right away, it’s just as important for healthy children to have regular checkups. Our Pediatricians at Ogden Clinic believe these well-child visits are crucial and help keep your child up-to-date with general health, growth, and development goals and milestones.

Regular checkups are intended to detect and address health issues so they can be addressed right away before they require more intensive treatment. Well-child appointments are also a great opportunity to voice your questions or concerns to your child’s pediatrician.

What Happens at Well-Child Exams?

Well Child check-ups are important pediatric services at Ogden Clinic. At your initial visit, the pediatrician determines how often your child should come to see their doctor. Visits are typically more frequent during the first couple years of life when vaccines are due and monitoring is more intricate.

You can expect your child’s pediatrician to assess the following during a well-child appointment:

  • Growth and development
  • Vision and hearing
  • Vaccination needs
  • Request any necessary lab services
  • Provide referrals to a pediatric specialist

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