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In 2015, our staff at Ogden Clinic established the Laborist Program at McKay Dee Hospital and Ogden Regional Medical Center to meet the needs of expectant parents. This innovative care model incorporates OB/GYN doctors and provides continuous, comprehensive care for patients delivering babies or responding to obstetrical and gynecological emergencies that may arise.

How Laborists Help Patients

Laborists are practicing OB/GYNs who work a set schedule that offers them time to rest while offering patients the benefit of 24/7 medical coverage. Because it’s important to be prepared during pregnancy and delivery, laborists help ensure patients get the highest level of specialized care during this important time. Our goal is to have safe outcomes for both mothers and their newborns.

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Ogden Clinic’s Women’s Center works with outstanding nurses, high-risk laborist specialists, and maternity teams to offer comprehensive obstetric care. Laborist Programs are recognized by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for increasing patient safety.

Laborist FAQ

Will a doctor deliver my baby or a laborist?

Your obstetrician will make the effort to attend your labor and delivery, but unfortunately, deliveries often cannot be planned. If you begin going into labor and your doctor in unavailable, you can rely on our team of board-certified OB/GYNs to perform the delivery. You should go to your own trusted OB/GYN for your post-natal care and coordination of services such as pediatrics and lactation counseling.

Can a laborist handle a high-risk delivery?

Yes. OB/GYN laborists are on the hospital premises 24/7 and have extensive education in high-risk deliveries such as C-section deliveries and deliver multiples.

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